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    Fresh Cheese Curd

    Our fresh, plain pasteurized cheese curd has no preservatives. It has about the same firmness as cheddar cheese, because cheese curd is actually the beginning process of cheddar (before cheddar is put into block form). It is somewhat salty and squeaky when bitten into. It is best served at room temperature, but some people like it melted or deep fried. It is a wonderful appetizer or snack.

    We also have Garlic/Pepper Cheese Curd, Buffalo Wing Cheese Curd, Spicy Italian Cheese Curd, Chive Cheese Curd, and Smoked Cheese Curd.  They are all simply delicious!  This cheese does not take heat and humidity well, so shipping upgrades may apply in the warmer months. It is sold in one pound packages. 
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