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7oz. Williston Brand Limburger Cheese
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This is the "stinky" cheese.  This pasteurized cow's milk cheese has a tangy, creamy, Brie-like flavor with an incredibly pungent aroma.  This perfume, which is caused by bacterial living in the rind, indicates a strong tasting cheese.  However, Limburger is actually fairly tame, especially when you trim the rind.  It is best when served with plenty of cold beer.  In this part of New York State, it is served on rye bread with leeks and liverwurst!  Yummy!

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i have been looking for williston brand for a very long time. this is the best limburg cheese on the planet.


It,s hard to find good limberger I have been eating it for over fifty years and I love it you can't go by the smell it's the taste