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Cuba Cheese Shoppe News

Customer Service


The Cuba Cheese Shoppe is committed to providing our customers with exceptional customer service!  As a family owned business, we know it takes hard work and dedication to keep our customers coming back year after year. 

Meet our Cheese Heads!

Jeff Bradley – The Big Cheese – Owner & President

Jeff started out in the super market business after getting out of the Navy and completing his degree at Godley Beacom College in Wilmington Delaware in the early 70’s.  He owned and operated the Alfred Shurfine and the Cuba Shurfine through the 70’s and 80’s.  In 1991, he sold the Shurfine in Cuba (now the Giant) and bought the Cuba Cheese Shoppe.  He has expanded the business two-fold by adding the truck delivering program and expanding our retail shop.  Jeff is a diehard Yankee’s fan, enjoys playing golf, and adores his three cats – Henry, Sally, and Frankie.

Jane Bradley – The “Trying to Retire” Vice President of Operations

Jane is the work horse behind the retail store.  She is the main buyer of all the products and cheeses you see in our Shoppe.  She created the first website and spearheaded the Annual Macaroni & Cheese Bake Off!  Jane enjoys playing golf, boating and quilting.  She is the mother of three awesome children – Sarah, Rebecca, and Justin. 
Favorite Cheese - Swiss on Rye

Sarah Bradley - VP of Marketing & Advertising, Owner & Operator of EVL Cheese Company in Ellicottville, NY

Born Date: June, 2011

Sarah joined the team in 2011 to help grow the business in both the wholesale and mail order departments.  After hitting the road to expand the wholesale customer base in Buffalo and Rochester, she opened up her own cheese store on September 28, 2013 in Ellicottville, NY called EVL Cheese Company.  They carry the famous Cuba Cheese Cheddar among other things.  Once this store is a well oiled machine, she will continue to do all the marketing and advertising for the Cuba store.  She enjoys rugby, her dog Rosco and spicy food.  At a demo, she once handed out a piece of cheese to an older gentleman and he ate it right out of her hand.
Favorite Cheese - Cuba 4 Year Cheddar

TBD– Bean Counter – Office Manager

Pattie Schmidt – 40# Cheese Master

Born Date: March, 2002

Patty has worked in the Shoppe for 10 years!  She enjoys crafting and time with her grandchildren.  She was once a Flower Child in the 60's and loves Rock n' Roll Music.  Her record for cutting 40# cheddar blocks in one day is 11!  Patty is married to Jack and they have four children – Amy, Brandon, Corey, Drew – and 2 grandchildren – Dillon and Jackson.
Favorite Cheese - Cuba 2 Year Cheddar




Shannon Halsaver – Store Manager of EVL Cheese Company
Born Date:  January, 2010

Shannon manages the EVL store along with her side kick, Ashley Andrews!  Shannon has many hobbies – photography, crocheting, jewelry making, movie watching – and enjoys all her nieces and nephews.   She loves hiking and taking pictures of nature.  Shannon lives with her puppy Merlin, kitty Holly, fish, Lafayette and guinea pig Mallyumkin.
Favorite Cheese - Manchego

Ashley Andrews - Official Cheese Cutter of EVL Cheese Company
Born Date: September, 2013

Ashley is new to the cheese business, but she picked it up quick!  A former Salamanca-Save-A-Lot employee, Ashley is from Little Valley and works part time at the LV Credit Union.  Her hobbies include Broadway Shows, Football and anything Andrew Luck.
Favorite Cheese - Coconut Gouda


Darcy Rogers – Master Mail Order Packer

Born Date:  November, 2007

Darcy is in charge of our Mail Order Department.   During our busy season (Christmas), Darcy is in charge of our temporary staff of 12; getting over 800 packages out each day; and organizing the products for all those packages.  In the off season, she helps label cheese and sends out packages on a daily basis.  She maintains a great relationship with the FedEx and UPS guys.  Darcy is married and loves animals.
Favorite Cheese -Extra Sharp Cuba Cheddar

Janine Ellington – Fundraising Coordinator & Customer Service Professional

Born Date:  March, 2009

Janine started with the company years ago as our first truck driver!  She now coordinates all of our fundraising groups and orders.  She also maintains all of the current pricing of all the products in the store.  She thoroughly enjoys working with our customers and fundraising groups.  She is married to James and has a daughter Erica, son Bradley, and granddaughter Emily.
Favorite Cheese - Cuba 2 Year Cheddar


Gail Jones - Tree Hugging Clerk

Born Date:  August, 2012

Gail not only cuts the cheese, she helps out in every department of the Shoppe.  She is a team player and enjoys helping the customers at the register.  She is known for making unique wind chimes, shaving her head and sleeping in a tent outside of her house.  Gail has two girls, Mary and Jessica and loves all of her grandchildren.
Favorite Cheese - Rosemary Goat Cheese

Angela Smith – Cheese Peddler I

Born Date:  September, 2006

Angela started driving truck for the company over 5 years ago and enjoys every minute of it!  She is known for her spunky, go-getter attitude and can lift three times her weight.  She enjoys running 10 miles a day and working out.  She is married to Chad and they have three kids – Evan, Alivia and Adam.

Jon Zimmerman – Cheese Peddler II

Born Date:  November 2007

Jon joined the company 4 years ago driving truck all over Western NY.  He is best known for his dry humor and great work ethic.  He enjoys golf, his dog Thunder and fine cigars.  He is married to Betsy.

Justin Bradley – Cheese Peddler III

Born Date:  April 2012

Justin just recently came onto the truck delivery team after his tenure with the Basket Company in Jamestown, NY.  An avid BBQ Master, Justin enjoys Can Jam, golf, and playing with his dog Ivy.  Justin is married to Brittany and they have a baby boy.